Diagnostic Assessment

Identify the trends affecting your business, even if you can’t see them.

We are the firm we would have hired when we were in your chair.

Our Diagnostic Assessment is designed to be a thorough, fast and effective way to give your business a clear and simple understanding of where things are and where they can go. We rapidly uncover market opportunities and help you translate them into a clear roadmap of your highest and best market options – generally within 6-10 weeks.

Lismore draws from its deep well of hundreds of professional Advisors to get you the results your business needs quickly. We help companies build and execute strategies to grow their value by 10 – 30%.

You will have the benefit of our experience and knowledge to analyze market trends while giving you the tools to disrupt them.

We help to train your eye to the present – both in your industry and in others affecting it – so that you can better understand the future trends and opportunities to increase your revenue, profitability and market share.

Why clients choose Lismore diagnostic assessment

Fast and Effective

Assessment and implementation in 6-10 weeks

Focused on Your Growth

Grow your value through training and development

Access to 400+ Advisors

Unbiased, direct feedback from industry-leading experts

the Lismore model

powered by unique insights

Proven Approach

Phased, iterative process for the know-how and tools you need to succeed


Unbiased, direct feedback on marketing opportunities and options

Market Influencers

Tracking trends and key influencers in your ecosystem


Increased revenue, profitability and market share

Identify trends affecting
your business