Launch New Products


Rapidly assess growth potential of an entrepreneurial CEO’s idea to introduce innovative dental technology to new patient populations. Develop a business model, then launch it successfully in targeted markets. Define a value proposition to achieve transformational growth for product and business.

What we did

Use Accelerate Workshop to convert hypothesis into a new value proposition and viable new consumer business. Assess the growth potential in specific customer segments including dental surgery and dry-mouth patients. Utilize Lismore Advisors to “pressure test” the concept and refine it, getting the product to market as quickly and successfully as possible.


Lismore Advisors rapidly developed multiple market scenarios. The team established organization, operation and market requirements for successfully entering Physician and Consumer Retail Health Product Markets. With clear next steps in mind, the CEO was able to prioritize market entry options and finalize the design and business case to successfully launch through Amazon and retail pharmacy chains.

How we used our Advisors

Family Business, Healthcare, Consumer Technology

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