expand customer reach


Help a non-profit trade association reach its existing 100,000 members more effectively, engage previously untapped members and increase its role as the leading voice in enterprise-wide technology, driving double-digit growth through new programs and services.

What we did

Broaden the organization’s service portfolio and appeal to existing and new members in order to grow. Capitalize on new decision makers outside the core technology area. Develop robust customer relationship management tools and processes to streamline sales processes as a foundation for future growth.


Over several phases of work, Lismore helped the CEO and Board define a path that would improve existing operations and tie together new services to achieve significant growth by putting the association at the center of IT and Business Collaboration. A Lismore Advisor built sales process and programs, demonstrating results within three months. The organization has launched several recommended programs, with the forward momentum required to realize the vision of double-digit growth.

How we used our Advisors

Technology visionaries, Chief Information Officers

identify trends affecting
your business