Build Customer Trust


Assist a global actuarial services firm in accelerating growth of a transformational technology. Develop a narrative and provide the firm’s senior leaders with access to a new group of decision makers to drive adoption of a new technology.

What we did

Work with the leader of Technology Solutions, to use a Diagnostic Assessment gauging firm’s potential competitive advantage with new technology. Identify ways to leverage long-standing relationships with Chief Risk Officers and Chief Financial Officers to access Chief Information Officers. Develop compelling narrative to engage customers in full-scale operational innovation.


Through customer and advisor input, identified which senior-level firm executives could authorize large-scale versus incremental operational changes. Created a strategic presentation tested with key targets in Asia, emphasizing measurable outcomes. The team created a plan for building credibility with specific customer targets, a communications toolkit to drive broader market dialog and recommendations to optimize business development. Revenue from the new technology surpassed expectations.

How we used our Advisors

Life Insurance, Actuarial Services, Professional Services, Chief Information Officers

accelerate growth