Accelerate Workshops

Get market results faster and smarter.

Lismore’s Accelerate Workshops are hands-on, intensive, customized sessions designed to have an immediate and lasting impact for you, your team and your business results.

Our unique 1-3 day sessions include intense and disruptive simulations with Lismore Advisors with unique expertise that powerfully prepare participants using critical interactions designed to equip them for immediate market impact.

  • Frank insight from experienced executives on what influences their thinking and earns their trust
  • Clarity around industry buying processes that drive selection of a business partner
  • Unbiased and direct feedback on the marketing message and approach
  • Options that better connect with your target markets
  • Approaches to open larger relationships at higher levels of customer organizations
  • Increasing your client team effectiveness, winning and expanding relationships
  • Tracking the trends and key influencers that influence your target markets
Our seasoned facilitators bring their business acumen and experience from conducting Accelerate workshops around the world with global industry leaders.

The outcome – More confidence, Better Preparation, Higher Impact.

No one knows the market better than the market itself. Our 400+ diverse Advisor Network spans the world –  industries, business practices, operating styles, regulatory environments and cultural structures. You’ll get their outside perspectives and an approach that provides the clarity and focus to make complex market problems a thing of the past.

Together, we will equip you with a strategy to overcome roadblocks, recognize potential new opportunities and get you to market in the most targeted way possible.

Why Clients Choose Lismore Accelerate Workshops

Fast and Effective

1-3 day sessions designed to maximize your results

Focused on Your Growth

Understand the factors that drive business partner selection

Access to 400+ Advisors

Unbiased, direct feedback from industry leading experts

the Lismore model

powered by unique insights

Proven Approach

Our high-intensity simulations lead to C-suite selling success


Unbiased, direct feedback on sales and marketing approaches

Market Influencers

Tracking trends and key influencers in your ecosystem


Accelerated sales velocity, close rates and average sales size

Accelerate Growth