Reinvent Services


Assess opportunities for a global, independent safety science company to use their solid brand reputation and unparalleled network of experts to create a leading position in eLearning and other digital learning modes. Improve customer loyalty and capture new revenue.

What we did

Utilize insights from Lismore Advisors on the forefront of digital learning to change classroom training model to be more efficient and take advantage of market disruption. Develop products and services to educate business leaders, engineers and technicians.


The market for technical standards and personnel certification training was defined as greater than $4B, with an opportunity to position these services as a competitive advantage in the ‘war for talent’. Lismore defined how to convey training as a foundation to strategy, with strategic dialog on speed to market and brand reputation. We forged joint-venture partnerships to pilot and refine digital curriculum and assembled targeted learning ladders into university-level certification and degree programs. Lismore discovered reaching a more strategic buyer and partnering to innovate had the potential to deliver four times the value of the original business.

How we used our Advisors

Education, Digital Learning, Engineering and Science Business Leaders

untangle complexity and see results!